Tell Texas Lawmakers to Reject Discriminatory, Anti-Business Legislation

Right now Texas lawmakers have put several discriminatory, anti-business bills at the top of their agenda for the 2017 legislative session. This is despite clear evidence these bills will have dire consequences for Texas’ economy and business community.

In fact, some lawmakers have said that passing legislation similar to North Carolina’s disastrous HB 2 is a top priority in 2017, despite the fact that it has cost North Carolina more than $600 million in revenue. The Texas Association of Business has already estimated that a similar bill will cost Texas $8.5 billion in lost revenue and 185,000 jobs.

Texas lawmakers need to know that our communities—especially small businesses—simply can’t afford these losses. They need to know our economy is stronger when Texas is open for business to everyone.

Help us stop this attack on Texas’ businesses. Rush a message to your lawmakers letting them know that business leaders want them to reject harmful anti-business bills in 2017.

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