TX Lawmakers: Reject Bathroom Bills During the Special Session

Five bills targeting LGBT Texans have been introduced for consideration during the special legislative session.

Four bathroom bills—SB3, SB91, HB46 and HB50—target transgender Texans for discrimination. SB 23 would prohibit cities and towns from passing ordinances that protect LGBT people from discrimination, and strike down existing ordinances.

The consequences of passing this legislation are vast. By some estimates, they could cost Texas $5.6 billion in lost revenue through 2026. And all three of these bills would send a message that Texas is closed for business—making it difficult for so many thriving businesses in our state to attract and retain top talent.

Worst of all, these bills would devastate some of Texas' most vulnerable students.

Lawmakers need to hear from business leaders who know that Texas can't afford to go down this dangerous road. Rush a message now urging Texas lawmakers to reject discriminatory legislation.

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