Tell Governor Abbott: Protect Texas' Economy & Reject Discrimination

The Texas legislative session is over—and no discriminatory "bathroom bill" has passed. But now, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is threatening to force a costly special session just so he can advance anti-LGBT legislation mirroring SB6, the discriminatory bill he championed throughout the session.

SB6 mirrors HB2 in North Carolina—the same legislation that cost North Carolina nearly $1 billion in lost revenue and has sent the state spiraling into complete and utter chaos for the last year. Studies show that this legislation would cost Texas $5.6 billion in lost revenue through 2026.

Governor Abbott needs to hear from business leaders who oppose this harmful, anti-business legislation. He needs to know that Texas' business leaders oppose SB6—and stand firmly against any special session designed to pass this harmful bill. Rush a message to the Governor now!

Personalizing your letter will increase its impact. Please include your company name and your title, as well as how many employees you have in Texas, if you are able.

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